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The Courage

Posted on 20/09/2010 by admin

The courage to start
The courage of heart
The courage to take it all apart.

The courage to run
and the courage to stay
The courage to write
and the courage to say.

The courage to scream
and the courage to shout
The courage to fear
when the lights are all out. (more…)

It’s Like

Posted on 20/09/2010 by admin
It’s like a hard stone in the pit of my stomach
and it never goes away
its there when I’m eating, its there when I’m sleeping
in the night time and the day

It’s like a sharp knife piercing my heart
cutting my heart to the core
it leaves me torn, broken and bruised
aching and bleeding and sore

It’s like a weight crushing my body
a weight crushing my soul
It’s like an emptiness, that nothing can touch
a timeless and endless black hole

Just Wanted To Say

Posted on 20/09/2010 by admin
I just wanted to say, in response to this entry, “don’t give up hope”. Taking this through the Family Court is an uphill struggle, but Courts can be persuaded to make an Order for no contact, even if the CPS decide not to prosecute.

My children are 14 and 10 years old now. When my son was 7 he made a clear allegation of abuse against his father, my husband. After a six week wait, the CPS decided not to prosecute. After an 18 month wait, the police found pornography on my husband’s computers and titles which suggested that files may contain sexual images of children , but he had installed special software to cover his tracks and the police did not have the software necessary, resources, time etc to look behind it. So again a decision was made not to prosecute. However, the Family Court Judge ordered that an independent IT expert should examine the computers (at my expense) and carry out ‘keyword searches’. The expert found over 100,000 sites containing images of bestiality, rape, incest, bondage, so called “Lolita” sites and that he belonged to a ‘Club’ sharing this material. (more…)

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