Mosac’s training department offers a range of training and workshops for professionals working with children and non-abusing parents and carers on dealing with child sexual abuse.

Training for professionals

Mosac offers safeguarding and awareness training to professionals working in social services, schools, colleges and more. This training equips people such as volunteers and staff members to deal with safeguarding children issues such as signs and symptoms of abuse, safeguarding legislation etc. We can tailor training to meet your service needs. We deliver training around prevention, the grooming process, sibling abuse, the impact of CSA on families etc. Let us know your service needs and we can discuss content. These courses attract a fee which is used to further support our main beneficiaries.

Training for parents and carers

Mosac supports and empowers parents and carers to rebuild confidence, assist them in rebuilding relationships with their child and supporting their child through crisis. To achieve these aims we provide workshops on a one to one basis or in a group covering a range of topics like:

  • dealing with your child’s sexualised behaviour,
  • dealing with your child’s anger, what should I do if my child tells,
  • dealing with stress, confidence building skills, etc.

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Parents who find themselves caring for an abused child often have many questions about family and criminal law processes. In order to help parents, Mosac raised funds to commission the writing of the following guides, by Rights of Women, to help parents better understand the complexities of the legal process. You can download the files […]

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