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Legal Aid Guides

Posted on 14/08/2013 by admin

Parents who find themselves caring for an abused child often have many questions about family and criminal law processes. In order to help parents, Mosac raised funds to commission the writing of the following guides, by Rights of Women, to help parents better understand the complexities of the legal process. You can download the files simply by clicking on the links below. We hope you find them helpful.

criminal law guide (603kb)

private law guide (633kb)

public law guide (632kb)

Please do contact Mosac if you have any suggestions or feedback about these guides.

From the Mouths of Mothers

Posted on 20/06/2013 by admin

From the Mouths of Mothers – live at the Pleasance Theatre

‘From the Mouths of Mothers’ is a play created from interviews with seven mothers who used MOSAC services. MOSAC put on the play in conjunction with the Central School of Speech and Drama with support from the Big Lottery Fund/Awards for All.

From 21st to 28th May 2013, we saw moving performances by Emma Handy, Susan Kingman, Vanessa Havell, Anne Bird, Jane Elson and Marcia Mantack in From The Mouths of Mothers. An audience member emailed us kind words afterwards: ‘I just wanted to say thank you very much for an extraordinary show – I was very moved and affected by it, and by the panel discussion afterwards.’ We hope to hear more feedback of what you thought of the play and how it has changed your views on issues surrounding CSA:

Karin Wasteson opines that ‘[From The Mouths of Mothers] exposes common failures of the legal, social and healthcare systems that should have been there to support these women. There are examples of doctors who don’t conduct proper medical examinations when there are suspicions of abuse, or mothers being questioned and even verbally attacked by social workers while seeking help for their children. As an observer, this is an appalling reality to take in. By watching the play, we all become “passive” witnesses in a sense.’

Timeout London Review: ”Such a raw production. I was reeled into the journeys of mothers which the actresses brought to life through the honesty of emotions portrayed. It is also at once an important piece that illuminates and provokes thought about the complexities faced by mothers as they discover their child has been sexually abused. From witnessing the shock and denial to bouts of mental fragility and frustration as these mothers try to manoeuvre through ill-equipped social institutions to ensure justice and security for their child, we get a glimpse into an experience that is rarely spoken about. The set mimicked a support group session that, with haunting visual effects in the background and intimate theatre setting, stirred such powerful emotions I could not stand up at the end to give the production the standing ovation it undeniably deserves.”

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