About Us

Mosac was formed when four mothers whose children were abused came together and drew strength from each other’s shared experience and realised the need for a similar service for others.

Read about how Mosac has developed over the past 25 years here

Mosac story

Our Mission

All non-abusing parents, carers and families have the right to receive comprehensive support to live with the consequences of sexual abuse and to aid recovery.

We aim to provide a unique and specialist service, offering practical and emotional support to non-abusing parents, carers and families.  We enable these families to achieve and sustain an improved quality of life by rebuilding confidence, alleviating isolation, promoting inclusion and empowering them with the skills to safeguard themselves and their children.  We break the silence surrounding child sexual abuse by raising awareness through training and consultancy.


Meet the Team

Board of Directors

Sharon Clint | Chair

James Worron Vice Chair

Terry Murtagh Treasurer

Li-Tung Lloyd Trustee

Moyosore Adofo Trustee

Sophie Roberts Trustee


Fiona Sim Company Secretary



Fiona Sim |Chief Executive

Leona  | Clinical Services Manager

Luci  & Sabrina| Advocacy & Specialist Advice Managers

Wendy | Helpline Manager

Vacant (Maternity Leave) | Training & Development Manager

Kim| Play Therapist

Need more information?

We have a wide range of resources available to view on our website.

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Parents who find themselves caring for an abused child often have many questions about family and criminal law processes. In order to help parents, Mosac raised funds to commission the writing of the following guides, by Rights of Women, to help parents better understand the complexities of the legal process. You can download the files […]

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