All Alone

Our lives were turned upside down, yet no one could see that. There was no one who was willing to listen or support us, not even my own family. I was completely isolated.

Along with our lives being turned upside down, there was the threat of our futures being completely messed up as well, had it not been for the support I received at Mosac, I wouldn’t have been able to get the strength together to turn our lives around and to be able to look to the future.

 The isolation and stress over the past 2 years had made me not want to go on living.

Had that have happened then it would not have been fair on the children, they would not have just lost one parent but two, and it would have completely devastated an already painfully hurt little girl i.e. my daughter, who believed that her father no longer living with us was all HER fault. If I wasn’t there as well then she would have gone on blaming herself and thinking it was all her fault. 

She was already having problems at school in terms of her behaviour and her education; she was also suffering from very low self-esteem and thought she was rubbish. 

This would have been so difficult for her to deal with. 

The anger and distress she was already displaying may well have become worse, but having had play therapy with Mosac and for me to be supported has helped for my daughter to improve her behaviour at school and in her education. It has helped her to realise that she is NOT rubbish, and that the way our lives have changed is definitely not her fault.

I feel that I have got the sweet, kind, thoughtful little girl back who I had lost.

Mosac has helped me to help myself, to be strong enough to turn our lives around and come through this. I am currently training to become a teacher. Mosac has helped us to try to survive, if we hadn’t then the abuse and the abuser would have won. 

Our already difficult and painful journey would have been more so.

Thank you all so much, for everything you have done, hope that you will carry on doing the great work you have been doing. 

God Bless You All.


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