At Last I made it through

At Last I Made It Through

The uncertainty of the future

the day that I was told

was like walking down the darkest alley

without a hand to hold

Hopelessness and fear took over

more than not I’d say

thank you for the people

that helped me through each day

I just can’t help but wonder

if he’ll ever see

the injustice that he did to her

and to our family

I wanted no regrets

as to how I helped my baby

so I tried to take control

because I thought just maybe

Maybe I could do this

standing on my own

then I felt you gently nudging me

I knew I wasn’t alone

You’re love for me is deep

pursing me no less

so I’d give in a little

and you would give me rest

I finally gathered up this burden

and handed it to you

all things fell perfectly into place

at last I made it through

You Lord, are worthy of my praise!!!

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