To A New Mum

The sadness that you’re feeling
Has been felt by others too
Yes, I know I’ve been there
Feeling just like you

Start by trying to like yourself
It’s hard when you’re feeling low
But when you are at your lowest ebb
It’s time the only way to go

The healing process will be slow
But you’ll always find a way
The easiest way to manage
Is to take things day by day

Try not to get downhearted
If things don’t turn out right
You are tired and weary
But still you have to fight

You will find an inner strength
Have faith in all you do
You must have hope to carry on
But it’s got to come from you

Don’t look at things too deeply
Take one step at a time
Think of yourself not others
And the light will start to shine

Make a promise to yourself
Say, “no I won’t give in”
It is there inside you
You have the courage to win

The bad days will get fewer
The good days will increase
But you will learn to ride the storm
And find some inner peace

Don’t think that I am preaching
Just trying to give you hope
Believe me it will get better
And you will be able to cope

Through there’s very little
Anyone can say or do
The pain you’re feeling will be eased
And one day you’ll come through

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