There Is

There’s abuse, there’s fear, there’s anger,
there’s horror and there’s pain,
there’s questions, there’s confusion,
there’s guilt and there is blame,
there’s sadness, loss and trauma,
I don’t know how I’m still standing,
there’s betrayal and mistrust,
but sometimes…there’s understanding

There is helplessness and powerlessness,
there’s not having a choice
there’s humiliation, degradation,
and no having a voice,
there is bullying and arrogance,
there’s naivety and blindness,
there is coldness and cruelty,
but sometimes…there’s warmth and kindness

There’s feeling that there’s nothing good,
there’s a feeling of no hope,
there’s overwhelmed and run down,
and feeling I can’t cope,
there’s being conned, manipulated,
lied to and deceived,
but sometimes…there’s acceptance,
and being believed

There’s nightmares and there’s terror,
there’s feeling violated,
there’s patronised and put down,
insulted and berated,
but sometimes…there’s a hand to hold,
a safe place from the pain,
acknowledgment, a sense of justice,
that’s what keeps me sane

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