Our Mum’s Group

Mums we all are
And all feel the same
We all need each other
To get through our pain

We’ve all got friends and family
But they don’t understand
It’s a thing we have to live with
There is no magic wand

All those strange faces
We’re confused and alone
But soon we all know
We are not on our own

There are times when we laugh
And most of us have cried
But we’re safe with each other
There’s nothing to hide

We work through our feelings
We all need an ear
At some time or other
We’ve all lived in fear

All the weeks and all the work
Have not been in vain
Our confidence is building
And gone is all the shame

We’re all getting better
It will never go away
But we have all learnt to cope
And get through every day

Our mum’s group is thriving
We want to carry on
We can all remember
When we needed someone

We’ll always have new mums
It is a sad fact
But we will try and help them
Because we were once like that


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