No – I won’t obey your orders,
no – I won’t do as I’m told,
you can take all that I own,
but my spirit can’t be sold

No – I won’t accept your judgement,
no – I won’t have faith that’s blind,
you can imprison my body,
but you can’t lock up my mind

What you gonna do about it?
Lock me up for evermore?
I’ll come out of prison fighting,
even stronger than before

No – I won’t support the system,
if it advocates abuse,
no – I won’t obey the law,
if it’s corrupted in its use

No – I won’t accept the law’s above
a basic human right,
the right to keep my child safe,
is a right for which I’ll fight

I will fight until there’s justice,
until there comes a time,
when to protect your child from abuse,
is no longer a crime

No – my spirit won’t be broken,
no – I won’t bow down to you,
every day I’ll keep on fighting,
for what I know is true

No – I won’t put my child at risk,
whatever you insist,
I will take hold of the power I have,
the power to resist

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