An Answer To A Prayer

How do you cope with the knowledge,
your child’s been abused
Hurt angry, bitter, confused
Your instinct is to scream and shout
Certainly run and hide without a doubt

You have to be strong, when you feel weak
Encourage your young one to speak
Hold her, comfort her, but what about you
You need to be held, comforted too

When friends and family make you feel an outsider
You are the one who stands by her
Don’t they realise she’s been through pain enough
She’s a little girl, not grown up, not tough

Her heart and body broken
Wishing she’d never spoken
Where is the help she desperately needs?
There’s help everywhere or so we are led to believe

The abuser served six months in a house of correction
Segregated for his own protection
Who protected my child, so innocent, so perfect, so pure
Not me, not them, not him, for sure

At last a sympathetic ear for mothers of an abused child
Someone, who can help them, give them peace of mind
Mosac they’re called, an answer to a prayer
But what about the little ones so full of despair

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