You Can Go On

YOU – have to fight to say HE was wrong,
WRONG – for what HE did to her
HER – my daughter, so pure and innocent,
INNOCENT – a word not in his book,
BOOK – to teach right from wrong, good from evil,
EVIL – the only word that can describe him
HIM – he takes a piece of my heart every day
DAY – take each day as it comes, good ones, bad ones,the hurt will always be here.
It takes time to heal.
HEAL – time is a great healer – I know
KNOW – the truth, to admit to yourself that he was
wrong, to say “It’s not your fault”.
FAULT – It’s so easy for the mother to get the blame,
BLAME – for what he did, you will not let that happen again,
AGAIN – and again the scene is played over in my mind
MIND – it ticks like a bomb ready to explode,
EXPLODE – LET your anger out, LET the tears flow,
FLOW – the tears like a river,
RIVER – the feeling of drowning, the pain never ending,
ENDING – YOU are here for your children, that’s all
that really matters, not material things.


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