Therapeutic Services

Client Counselling

Volunteer counsellors provide an individual professional client counselling service. Client evaluation and feedback show the need for a counselling service within Mosac. 65% of the callers have identified this as a service they would use and value to enable them to come to terms with their situation and rebuild their confidence and self esteem. We aim to expand the service when funding for expenses and supervision allows.

Child Centred Play Therapy

We provide play therapy to a child whose parent is already being supported by us. Play therapy is a holistic approach, using play and art as a means of ‘helping’ the physical, spiritual, emotional and cognitive aspects, both conscious and unconscious, taking account of the past, present and future of the whole child.

Mosac Massage Programme

The relationship between the non-abusing parent and abused child is often damaged as a result of the abuse. Unfortunately it is this very relationship that is integral to the healing process and helping children cope with what has happened to them. Skills involving positive touch (e.g. gentle massage) may serve to improve both the damaged bond and communication between the non-abusing parent and child. This service by provides massage skills to parents aims to enable parents to relax and calm their child, reintroduce positive touch in a safe environment, enable bonding/rebuilding of the mother/child relationship and work towards replacing associated memories of touch, fear, pain and distress with love, nurturance and trust. In addition, it provides early stages of long-term healing, enabling the child to feel confident in forming physical relationships throughout childhood and into adult life.

Therapeutic Services

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