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Posted on 16/09/2010 by admin

H Horror at what you had done
A Anger tearing at me inside
T Torment I put myself through
R Relief from my feelings of fear
E Eternal guilt I feel all the time
D Destruction of all our lives

HATRED is what you have earned
by being a sexual abuser.

I’m Living In A Dream World

Posted on 15/09/2010 by admin

I’m living in a dream world,
as my let-down feeling unfurled,
I would have really thought
something like this would got to court,
for the bad thing he had done,
and I would have won.

Watching him at the arrest,
would have been the best,
couldn’t this have been true,
isn’t someone in my position dreaming of this too?

This Awful Secret

Posted on 14/09/2010 by admin

Just eight years old, an innocent
Too young to have this torment
Love from granddad, or that’s what he said
If that’s so, why do I have nightmares in bed?

Too afraid to tell mum or dad
He said if they knew, they would think I was so bad
My body so sore, it can’t be right
I’m so afraid each day and night

Now I’m grown, but still the nightmares come
I wish with all my heart I could just up and run
Like granddad has done, a new life he’s made
Whilst I’m still here waiting for the pain to fade

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