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Posted on 20/09/2010 by admin

In all l kinds of situations it’s
always on my face,
Any kind of pressure and it’s
imprinted and in place,
I am going quite insane inside
but outside it’s grin and bear,
Whatever trouble comes my way
my smile is always there.
My whole world is falling apart
but my smile won’t go away,
What I want is to cry and shout
but here’s my smile and on it will stay
’till all the world has gone away
and I’m alone
world’s apart,
Then the floodgates are opened and
tears come fast
straight from my heart.

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Take Heart And Start Again

Posted on 20/09/2010 by admin

Disbelief, disgust, how guilty you feel,
How could this happen, it just cannot be real.
How could you not notice, why did you not see,
What kind of mother are you meant to be.

Are you blind? Are you deaf? Devoid of a brain?
How could you not notice your little ones pain?
Did she ask for you help?
Did she reach out her hand?
Was she asking for answers? Did you not understand?

To A New Mum

Posted on 20/09/2010 by admin

The sadness that you’re feeling
Has been felt by others too
Yes, I know I’ve been there
Feeling just like you

Start by trying to like yourself
It’s hard when you’re feeling low
But when you are at your lowest ebb
It’s time the only way to go

The healing process will be slow
But you’ll always find a way
The easiest way to manage
Is to take things day by day

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