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There Is

Posted on 20/09/2010 by admin
There’s abuse, there’s fear, there’s anger,
there’s horror and there’s pain,
there’s questions, there’s confusion,
there’s guilt and there is blame,
there’s sadness, loss and trauma,
I don’t know how I’m still standing,
there’s betrayal and mistrust,
but sometimes…there’s understanding

There is helplessness and powerlessness,
there’s not having a choice
there’s humiliation, degradation,
and no having a voice,
there is bullying and arrogance,
there’s naivety and blindness,
there is coldness and cruelty,
but sometimes…there’s warmth and kindness



Posted on 20/09/2010 by admin
No – I won’t obey your orders,
no – I won’t do as I’m told,
you can take all that I own,
but my spirit can’t be sold

No – I won’t accept your judgement,
no – I won’t have faith that’s blind,
you can imprison my body,
but you can’t lock up my mind

What you gonna do about it?
Lock me up for evermore?
I’ll come out of prison fighting,
even stronger than before

At Last I Made It Through

Posted on 20/09/2010 by admin
The uncertainty of the future
the day that I was told
was like walking down the darkest alley
without a hand to hold

Hopelessness and fear took over
more than not I’d say
thank you for the people
that helped me through each day

I just can’t help but wonder
if he’ll ever see
the injustice that he did to her
and to our family


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