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A Grandmothers story

Posted on 20/09/2010 by admin
My beautiful 2yr old granddaughter followed me into the kitchen, stood by the fridge, pulled her leggings and pants down, arched her back. She pointed up between her legs, and said, “daddy hurt here”.

This was the start of a terrible journey of deep distress, shock disbelief in the child protection team, law, social services life and us.

Fear was always with us — and still remains.

Fear is a terrible power for fundamental change in children and adults. It creates bullies and victims. It is fundamental, we learn to manage fear. To use fear as a positive challenge for change—not to become a victim as I did—to my ongoing remorse. To be effective in stopping child abuse, be it physical, psychological, or sexual—we must manage our fear. Use it for positive change to allow all our children to grow into psychologically healthy adults. The burdens of hatred, blame and impotence are too heavy to carry and stop us being effective. (more…)

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