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Can’t Breathe

Posted on 20/09/2010 by admin
Can’t breathe,
I’m so scared,
want it to go away,
can’t think straight,
feel numb,
don’t know what to say

Can’t believe,
in anything,
lost my sense of faith,
can’t remember,
when the last time was,
that I felt safe



Posted on 20/09/2010 by admin
The snow was white, but everywhere I look it’s turned to grey
the shadow you cast over me never goes away
the threat of your abuse is always somewhere near
I can’t imagine what its like to live without this fear

You tore the tree out of the ground, how can it now grow?
you damaged the stability the roots that grew below
the fruit that once grew there we no longer can enjoy
everything you laid your hands on you managed to destroy

But I have the seed the tree once held, I’ll keep it close to me
I’ll keep it with me always, and I will wait patiently
one day, when we’re safe from you, this precious seed I’ll sow
I will nurture and protect it and I’ll watch the new tree grow

It’s Like

Posted on 20/09/2010 by admin
It’s like a hard stone in the pit of my stomach
and it never goes away
its there when I’m eating, its there when I’m sleeping
in the night time and the day

It’s like a sharp knife piercing my heart
cutting my heart to the core
it leaves me torn, broken and bruised
aching and bleeding and sore

It’s like a weight crushing my body
a weight crushing my soul
It’s like an emptiness, that nothing can touch
a timeless and endless black hole

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