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You Can Go On

Posted on 29/08/2010 by admin
YOU – have to fight to say HE was wrong,
WRONG – for what HE did to her
HER – my daughter, so pure and innocent,
INNOCENT – a word not in his book,
BOOK – to teach right from wrong, good from evil,
EVIL – the only word that can describe him
HIM – he takes a piece of my heart every day
DAY – take each day as it comes, good ones, bad ones,the hurt will always be here.
It takes time to heal. (more…)


Posted on 15/08/2010 by admin

Today I’m weak and vulnerable,
today inside I’m crying,
today I’m lost and beaten down,
today feel like I’m dying

Today I’ve lost the strength to fight,
I live from hour to hour.
today I’ve got no energy
today I’ve got no will power

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