The Person Next Door

Posted on 20/09/2010 by admin

I was a single mum to a 4and a half old boy 11 and a half years ago. My son and I moved into a rented house. My landlord was also a single parent to two boys. His wife had died two years ago when I started to rent his house, because he had bought another.

We got friendly and became a couple, so he moved back into his old house with me, and I looked after the three boys. My partner knew the older couple next door for years. He moved into our house with his parents when he was just three years old. I met the couple after moving in she was lovely, but he was a bit odd. They had a daughter a year younger than me who lived 10 doors down. The daughter and I got on; my partner’s boys were the same age as her two daughters and played out with them before I even knew the boys. We became good friends and got pregnant at the same time, she was due six weeks before me. I wanted a little girl and she wanted a boy. My friend moved away before the babies were born. I lost touch for a bit, but I then visited her when her baby was born and soon after I had my baby girl.

Three years passed and then I received a phone call from my friend. By this time I had moved away from our old house to a bigger house. I still talked to my friend’s mother because I lived in the same village and asked if I knew of any houses rent. As luck would have it there was a house across the road from me.

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Posted on 16/09/2010 by admin

H Horror at what you had done
A Anger tearing at me inside
T Torment I put myself through
R Relief from my feelings of fear
E Eternal guilt I feel all the time
D Destruction of all our lives

HATRED is what you have earned
by being a sexual abuser.

I’m Living In A Dream World

Posted on 15/09/2010 by admin

I’m living in a dream world,
as my let-down feeling unfurled,
I would have really thought
something like this would got to court,
for the bad thing he had done,
and I would have won.

Watching him at the arrest,
would have been the best,
couldn’t this have been true,
isn’t someone in my position dreaming of this too?
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