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At Last I made it through

Posted on 18/10/2010 by admin

At Last I Made It Through

The uncertainty of the future

the day that I was told

was like walking down the darkest alley

without a hand to hold

Hopelessness and fear took over

more than not I’d say

thank you for the people

that helped me through each day

I just can’t help but wonder

if he’ll ever see

the injustice that he did to her

and to our family

I wanted no regrets

as to how I helped my baby

so I tried to take control

because I thought just maybe

Maybe I could do this

standing on my own

then I felt you gently nudging me

I knew I wasn’t alone

You’re love for me is deep

pursing me no less

so I’d give in a little

and you would give me rest

I finally gathered up this burden

and handed it to you

all things fell perfectly into place

at last I made it through

You Lord, are worthy of my praise!!!

Hurt – the harrowing stories of parents whose children were sexually abused

Posted on 12/10/2010 by admin

Moasc is proud to announce the release of a new book Hurt, funded and written by one of our volunteers, Julia Webb-Harvey.  Julia has worked over the last three years with five of Mosac’s clients to tell their stories.  Hurt shows how non-abusing parents have navigated through the carnage after discovering that someone close to them has sexually abused their child.


Hurt tells in-depth stories of four family’s harrowing situations, each with a different sexual predator: father, stepfather, close friend and grandfather.  The book gives a voice to each parent individually so that his or her painful truth is revealed to the reader. Hurt gives a voice to the parents who suffer greatly and feel that they have let their children down by not protecting them.  The stories show the ways in which the families coped, and will provide a useful pathway for parents facing the same tragedies in their family.  It does not offer step-by-step advice, but shows a way through to recovery, providing hope that families do begin to recover.

Non-abusing parent, Ginny, says of Hurt:

“I have just finished the book and it has really helped me…  It has helped me to know that other parents understand what I have been through. It has helped me to know that I am only human to feel the way that I do. It has also helped me to know that there are passionate and loving parents out there prepared to risk everything for their children because I know that at least those are the children that will be safe.”

We think Hurt will be invaluable to professionals as well as parents/carers.  It provides an honest view as a ‘first person account’, telling the reader exactly how it is.

Actress Patsy Palmer, who portrayed Bianca Jackson a mother whose stepdaughter was being sexually abused by her partner, in BBC Eastenders said:

“Having played the role of the non-abusing parent, I believe that Julia’s book will help bring solace to parents going through the reality of uncovering abuse. I hope it will help many more families to cope and know that they can recover and have happy times again.”

Hurt (RRP £17.99) is available from Amazon and  Hurt is available at £12.99 from Live It Publishing.

Julia is generously donating all profits back to Mosac.  Please also forward this on in your networks – it is the only book out there telling these important stories.

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