This Awful Secret

Just eight years old, an innocent
Too young to have this torment
Love from granddad, or that’s what he said
If that’s so, why do I have nightmares in bed?

Too afraid to tell mum or dad
He said if they knew, they would think I was so bad
My body so sore, it can’t be right
I’m so afraid each day and night

Now I’m grown, but still the nightmares come
I wish with all my heart I could just up and run
Like granddad has done, a new life he’s made
Whilst I’m still here waiting for the pain to fade

Will memories ever go away?
So that I can face another day
People say, I have my whole future in front of me
Nut I’m drowning in my guilt, don’t they see

You see I had to tell, share this awful secret
Now it’s something I regret
So much heartache, so much pain
Nothing will ever be the same again

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