The Person Next Door

I was a single mum to a 4and a half old boy 11 and a half years ago. My son and I moved into a rented house. My landlord was also a single parent to two boys. His wife had died two years ago when I started to rent his house, because he had bought another.

We got friendly and became a couple, so he moved back into his old house with me, and I looked after the three boys. My partner knew the older couple next door for years. He moved into our house with his parents when he was just three years old. I met the couple after moving in she was lovely, but he was a bit odd. They had a daughter a year younger than me who lived 10 doors down. The daughter and I got on; my partner’s boys were the same age as her two daughters and played out with them before I even knew the boys. We became good friends and got pregnant at the same time, she was due six weeks before me. I wanted a little girl and she wanted a boy. My friend moved away before the babies were born. I lost touch for a bit, but I then visited her when her baby was born and soon after I had my baby girl.

Three years passed and then I received a phone call from my friend. By this time I had moved away from our old house to a bigger house. I still talked to my friend’s mother because I lived in the same village and asked if I knew of any houses rent. As luck would have it there was a house across the road from me.

They moved in and we both had three year olds who became good friends and started school together. A few years later I had problems with my daughter in schools with bullies, she was eight at this time and in the same class as my friend’s daughter. They were still friends, but not the best of friends. I moved my daughter out of the school, but she still stayed friends with my friend’s daughter. They still went out and played together.

The girls are now 10 and three to four weeks ago I found out that my friend’s father had been sexually abusing her daughter and cousin and my daughter may be involved. I stayed quiet for few days. The police called and wanted to speak with my daughter. So the night before I asked my daughter very nicely and quietly what had happened. What I heard was so heart breaking. I was sick for days, couldn’t sleep, eat or think straight. What came out of my daughter’s mouth should never be said by a ten year old. She was interviewed and told the police. We are waiting for a lot of things to happen in the next couple of months. This man has to pay for what he has done to all his young victims.

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