Take Heart And Start Again

Disbelief, disgust, how guilty you feel,
How could this happen, it just cannot be real.
How could you not notice, why did you not see,
What kind of mother are you meant to be.

Are you blind? Are you deaf? Devoid of a brain?
How could you not notice your little ones pain?
Did she ask for you help?
Did she reach out her hand?
Was she asking for answers? Did you not understand?

Where were you when it happened?
When she needed you,
Did she call for her mum? Did she cry for you too?
Why punish yourself? You can’t change the past,
What’s happened is over, the die has been cast.

So many questions going round in your head,
But now is the time to look forward instead.
Don’t waste time feeling guilty,
it just adds to the pain,
Just look to the future, start living again.

You’ve come so far together,
but there’s still so far to go
Your little one needs you,
you must be strong you know.
Every day that passes, the stronger you’ll become,
And you’ll make it through together,
You and your little one.

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