Saturday’s At Half Past Three

Once I had a lovely Daddy
Smiled and took me on his knee
Used to laugh with me and Mummy
Saturdays at half past three.
How I loved my lovely Daddy
Standing on a kitchen chair
Watching from the window for him
“Put the kettle on. He’s there”

Then one day my lovely Daddy
Turned into a stranger – man
Just when Mummy’d gone out shopping
Said he’d got a wizard plan.
Said we’d play, but I must promise
Not to tell my Mum or Gran
What he did I’d try to tell you?
But I just don’t think I can.

Ever since he left me crying
Now I never can be sure
‘Cos I’ve got a devil – Daddy
Please don’t do it any more.
Teacher asked at school on Monday
What it was that made me cry
Stranger – men are sent to prison
So I had to tell a lie.

If they take my devil – Daddy
They take my lovely Daddy too
Daddy, don’t be angry now –
I used to think so much of you
Give me back my lovely Daddy
Make it like it used to be
When you laughed with me and Mummy
Saturdays at half past three.

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